Earlier this year, EVGA released their Classified E760; A special motherboard with an added Nvidia NF200 chip allowing for optimized use of 3-Way SLI beyond anything ever imagined, thus raising the bar for enthusiast-level motherboards. Other features include two +12V 8-pin ATX connectors capable of delivering 600 watts of power to the CPU alone, a ten phase Digital PWM switching up to 1333 KHz, and three times the amount of normal gold content in the processor socket.

It was simply a small revolution all together. The E760 is the second edition of the original E759 which without the NF200 substantially decreases the latency of data access through the PCI Express bus. This carries with it similar 3-Way SLI performance as the E759 boasts, and even better 2-Way SLI performance than its predecessor.

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