High-end Liquid Cooling

Although I’ve got a phase-change unit, I’m not necessarily running the compressor every day. And that’s mostly due to the fact that my current liquid cooling system easily manages running the Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 at about 4.7 GHz. My liquid (water with additives) cooling system features some quite excellent performance levels at a minimum of noise!

The system comprises of the following units: a Laing DDC Pro (18W) pump station, a 250mm alu XSPC reservoir, a Hardware-Labs Black-ICE GTX360 and an EK Surpreme (Acetal top). Add to that some 3/8″ ClearFlex tube, three 120mm Sharkoon S.E.2000 fans and Feser One VSC additives.

If you’re looking to build a liquid cooling system yourself, have a look at CoolerKit Denmark. That’s where I usually buy all my stuff; great customer service and fast, reliable shipping. Thumbs up!

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