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Silverstone Technology was kind enough to sponsor a Zeus 1200 Watt power supply for me earlier this month. Having now had a chance to use it in my benchmarks, I’d just like to add that the ZM1200 is an extreme power plant with more than enough juice to keep a heavily overclocked Intel Bloomfield or Intel Yorkfield (Core 2 Extreme) with either two crossfired 4870X2’s or three GTX280’s in Tri-SLI running without any issues whatsoever.

Trust me, when you’re getting a new power supply it isn’t an area you will want to be saving money on, as a quality part ensures the stability and lifetime of your system. A unit with this kind of potential will also ensure that any future upgrades will run effortlessly. I can highly recommend the Silverstone ZM1200! Hell, check out the reviews its been getting from these well-known sites:


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To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t expecting this unit to really wow me, since the ZU1200M underperformed just a bit. But this time, the design in the ZM1200M has indeed managed to impress me. We have significantly better efficiency, and we have slightly better ripple and noise suppression. Although the unit still can’t quite meet 1% regulation numbers, today’s review sample did manage to improve on what was already a good thing.

Fully modular, well sleeved, with enough cabling to power three 280’s in SLI. And those cables are long enough to be useful, too. What’s not to like about that? Oh, and you can turn off the individual OCP too, thus enabling you to set it up as a single ginormous 95A 12V rail. Silverstone wins the ball game here.

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While the mid-range performance segment has seen its power consumption steadily decrease, the ultra high-end market continues to push technology and power consumption to new heights. Fortunately for the environment, there will come a time when power consumption will hit the maximum amount of power a regular North American 120V outlet will provide. Yet until that time, power supplies like Silverstone???s Zeus will continue to dominate the enthusiast market.

Did we say dominate? Simply put, the Silverstone Zeus absolutely obliterates every other power supply we have tested to date. Granted, they were lower wattage units but the Zeus performs just as well at lower loads than it does at higher loads and that is something which still amazes us. Many high wattage power supplies struggle to maintain efficiency at lower loads but the Zeus bucks that trend by putting up some very respectable numbers in all of the efficiency tests we put it through. Voltage regulation was also top-notch without nary a whimper on the +5 and +3.3V rails while the +12V rail stayed quite solid throughout the tests. Then there is the matter of the stunning ripple suppression which still leaves our jaws slack.

Performance aside, there are so many other things to like about the Zeus 1200W. Even though it is the longest power supply we have seen, its fully modular interface partially offsets this increased length. Not only are the modular connectors convenient (not to mention they are straight out of a cable routing fanatic???s wet dream) but the cables themselves are all extremely long. With more and more cases now offering bottom-mounted power supply layouts, longer than normal CPU connectors are becoming essential and this Silverstone power supply offers just that. The 3-year warranty is also nothing to sneeze at and since it is backed up by Silverstone???s always-helpful customer and RMA service, you can have some piece of mind when buying this product.

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The Zeus ZM1200M 1200W unit is perhaps the only workstation-grade PSU which is also fully modular, making it perfect for people who would like to have a high performance and reliable PSU matched with good aesthetics. It is also very efficient, cool running and silent enough under normal load, an aspect we found hard to believe for a unit of this power being cooled by a single 80mm fan. The build quality of the unit is nothing short of a demonstration of how a high output unit should be made, which is the primary asset of the ZM1200M.

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