Sony Playstation 3

Almost a year ago I bought my PS3 by Sony. Well, Foxconn and Asus have some components in there too. Its painted in dark “piano” black and came with a 40 GB hard drive, which I’ve modified with a 500 GB drive since then instead. The Playstation 3 serves as both gaming console as well as BluRay player, and does an excellent job in both areas. Incredibly silent, much opposed to its main competitor the Microsoft Xbox 360.

While I spend a certain amount of time on the Playstation Network, I do have a few games for it: Uncharted, Tekken 5, Virtua Fighter and Assassins Creed. Add to that a few SixAxis DualShock controllers, a couple good gaming buddies and you’re in for some serious fun! One might argue that the PS3 was launched a bit early and over-priced, but nowadays it gets the best recommendations, it so rightfully deserves.

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